Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Stirling Summer Skins 2012

Mario Brothers & Gang: AKA Cammy Smith, Robert Fawns, Duncan Menzies.

On Friday 3 August I visited The Peak, at Stirling Sports Village, for the annual Summer Skins curling competition - a very colourful out-of-season event that attracts curlers from both Scotland and abroad, of all ages & abilities: Beginners, club curlers, national champions, European champions, World Junior champions, etc!

Reigning European Women's Champions: Anna Sloan & Vicki Adams.

This was my second year at the event.
In 2011 I had finished my first season as an Ice Technician at Kinross Curling Rink, and so went along to the Summer Skins to see curling in a different format, and to film it for promotional purposes.
Having enjoyed it so much last year, I returned this summer to both film & photograph the event. It perhaps wasn't quite as colourful, but there were a fair few crazy characters: The Mario Brothers, Baywatch cast, Indiana Jones, Shaun The Sheep, Little Bo Peep, and a whole lot more, all made appearances on the ice!

Sheep & Bo Peeps: Chay Telfer, Mhairi Anderson, Claire Sloan, Graham Sheddon.

My photos have been online for just over 3 weeks now, and attracted a good number of new likes to my facebook page, which is greatly appreciated.

Not sure if that's Hammy McMillan Jr or Pamela Anderson.

Last night I finished editing the video footage, which is embedded below. It's double the duration of the previous video, but takes a completely different format, which I feel warrants the extra time. For example all of the "best-dressed" characters/teams each get their own segment, with related theme songs, which equates to roughly half the video; with the second half of the video being a compilation of everyone else, much like the 2011 video.

And while I'm talking about curling...
The new curling season will be getting under way soon. It is a very inclusive sport, suitable for everyone - yes, EVERYONE - and as well as being great for your general fitness, can be as fun or as serious as you want it to be. 
So if you are interested in taking-up curling as a new hobby, or just fancy having a little shot, now is your chance!
Ice rinks across Scotland will be hosting free Try Curling sessions, which are designed to give non-curlers a perfect introduction to the sport with qualified coaches, and none of the pressures that you may face by jumping-in at the deep end with experienced club curlers straight away.

Sorry for the wee sales pitch there! But as I've been posting a lot of curling-related artworks over the past year or two, I thought I'd mention it just incase I've sparked your interest in the sport.

Sunday, 5 August 2012

Alex Salmond & Andy Murray cartoon: Olympic-special

Last night, ahead of the London 2012 Olympic Men's Singles Tennis Final that is just about to get underway (Andy Murray vs Roger Federer), I decided to give my previous Wimbledon cartoon a special make-over.
Instead of wearing his Wimbledon whites, I've painted Murray into his blue Team GB Olympic tennis outfit, and altered Salmond's caption.

Just 28 days ago, Andy Murray had the hopes of an entire nation on his shoulders, when he attempted to become Britain's first Wimbledon male singles champion in over 70 years by defeating none other than Roger Federer.
On that occasion it ended in heartbreak, but the emotions shown on court had won-over the admiration of many sceptic British tennis fans.

This afternoon is a near-identical rematch of that Wimbledon final: Same venue, same players, same hopes... The only difference being the awards to pick up at the end of the match.

Today, Andy Murray is already guaranteed at least an Olympic Silver medal (in both the Men's Singles & the Mixed Doubles with Laura Robson), but he will definitely be aiming for Gold in order to add to the impressive number of London 2012 gold medals already won by Scottish stars!

C'mon Andy!!!