Friday, 31 May 2013

Three Colours: Bleurgh (new acrylic paintings)

Earlier this week I dusted-off my old acrylic paints and had a play around. First up was the following Impressionist-inspired landscape of the local countryside:

I'd estimate it to have been an hour or two, of vibrantly splashing paint around until some kind of form began to appear through the mess... Yes it was based upon a photo, but I wasn't trying to be too precise about the representation - I was just trying to get a feel for the acrylic paints again.
I used a palette of three colours (red, yellow, blue, plus white) in a desperate bid to avoid greens straight from the tube.
It's created an interesting result: Yet 3 days later, I still have no idea whether I completely love or hate it!

Following that, I found myself to have a bit too much leftover paint on my palette, so rather than completely waste it, I decided to paint this very random self-portrait:

This was 10 minutes of throwing the colours anywhere they fitted, and again, a case of just waiting for the final image to make some kind of appearance...
...And here was you thinking that there's some kind of logic to painting!? Haha, sorry, not in this case!

Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Musical Quotations

I've been neglecting this blog again, so to any regulars that may be disappointed, sorry about that!

Rewinding to March, I devised a theme for my next series of paintings. Progress so far has been quite slow, but with any luck, more paintings should gradually start appearing on here.

The series will be called Musical Quotations, and portrays scenes from some of my favourite music videos... The term "favourite" in this instance will be pretty loose: It could be well-known masterpieces, interesting independent videos, aesthetically-pleasing sequences, a performer/song that I like, or simply a random video with one particular shot that I appreciate: We'll see what happens.

I've already made 2 paintings, and I'll post them up over the coming days. But in the meantime, for more regular updates, you should 'like' my facebook page Art of Andy R Macpherson.

Wednesday, 1 May 2013

What is... May

This year has been fair flying-by... And here already is May's calendar image:

It is a computer screenshot from when TV personality, Cat Cubie, tweeted one of my cartoons around the world to her near 4000 twitter followers. It was unexpected and really made my day!

The cartoon depicts HRH Charles Prince of Wales hijacking the BBC's Reporting Scotland weather studio, around about this time last year. I'm just disappointed that he still hasn't been made a regular weather presenter!

If interested, you can read more about the special weather report & this cartoon by visiting my original blog post about it at: