As a Creative Coordinator I work in a variety of visual mediums, including: Art, Film, Animation, and Photography.

I've produced work for a range of clients including: Mercedes-Benz UK, Scottish Women's Football, Green Hotel Golf & Leisure Resort, Olive Grove Records, Dice Productions, Kilted Christmas Tree Company, and Kinross Curling Rink.
My work has been featured by: Icon Film Distribution, SwissInstitute.net, IotaCentre, Filmhouse, The Royal Caledonian Curling Club, The View From The Hack, Skip Cottage Curling, and Max Power (defunct car magazine).

As an Artist I create landscape and portrait paintings using either watercolours, Photoshop, or acrylics. I also experiment with caricature and participated in the Dutch monthly drawing blog Project Onomatopee until it finished.
As a Filmmaker I enjoy producing music videos and promos; covering sporting events; and general experimentation (with both animation and live-action).
As a Photographer I focus on sporting events, documentation, and landscapes.

This blog showcases my creative works, and is updated with posts that document both the influences and working processes of new artworks as they are completed. 

BA (Hons) Animation. Edinburgh College of Art. July 2009.

Film, watercolour painting; Photoshop; research; writing; experimental animation.

Film credits:
For a list (and details) of all film credits & film awards please click here.

Painting exhibitions:
For details of my painting exhibitions please click here and scroll down.

Artistic achievements:
- Debut film, Pigment of Imagination, included as a Bonus Feature on all UK-release DVDs & Blu-rays of hit horror film Paranormal Activity, March 2010.
- A limited-edition 2010 wall calendar featuring the Film-inspired Painting Series successfully sold out in time for Christmas 2009 following an exhibition at the Filmhouse cinema in Edinburgh.
- Commissioned in October 2009 to produce short animation sequences for a theatre production of Macbeth starring Abi Titmuss.
- Digitally enhanced photos for a Mercedes-Benz UK press release that was featured in The Herald newspaper during July 2009.
- Edinburgh College of Art undergraduate dissertation about using art history to devise a new style of animation scores straight A grades.
- Contacted by MTV in August 2008 because they liked Die Skateboard and wanted to feature it on Best.Show.EVER.

Computer software knowledge (proficient):
Photoshop; Premiere; Vegas Movie Studio HD, Microsoft Office.

Computer software knowledge (good):
Final Cut Pro; Motion; Dreamweaver.

Computer software knowledge (learning / limited experience):
Lightwave; TV Paint; Toon Boom Studio; Director; Audacity.