"Haha! That's BRILLIANT!" - Cat Cubie (19 May 2012).

"Thank you so much, your help is really appreciated!" - Judith McFarlane (19 May 2011).

"You've done wonders with such a ropey idea." - Adam Ross (18 May 2011).

"Brilliant work, super quick. I am chuffed to bits with that!!!" Lloyd Merideth (18 May 2011).

"A great likeness - I love the way you've done this." - Bob Cowan (31 December 2010).

"Wonderful portrait" - Liz Holm (19 March 2010).

"I looked already at my new painting, and enjoyed it very much! It makes me smile every morning and evening." - Petra van Brabandt (02 December 2009).


In October 2009 I was commissioned to produce 4 animation sequences for John Hales' modern-dress theatre production of Macbeth, starring Abi Titmuss, at the Seagull Theatre in Lowestoft, England.
The production - complete with my animation - toured Norwich for numerous dates throughout November, and once it was all over, I received this testimonial from John Hales [who both directed the production and performed the part of Macbeth]:

Dear Andy,

Hello there. So, the dust has finally settled after Christmas and Macbeth enough for me to write to say thank you SO much (caps intended) for your amazing work animating the fourth apparition.

It was always an ambitious production and we’d already pulled off a bit of a coup with Abi Titmuss as Lady Macbeth and some of the filming, but you and the other animators you sourced for us to bring the visions to life were just first class.

I’ve Directed for film and TV as well as theatre over the past 18 years and I was painfully aware of the mountain I was asking you all to climb in terms of schedule and the detail of the work and you not only met the challenge head on, but exceeded all my hopes and expectations of how powerful the visions could be in the hands of talented, committed and original animators like yourself and your colleagues.
It was a real pleasure to work with you on a creative level too – you have real flair but are also aware of telling the story effectively, a perfect blend which became apparent at our regular updates and each new instalment of the work. Add that all this was achieved without us even meeting once in person. I think it speaks volumes for the clarity with which you approach a project, really connecting with the brief and then working with me and the ideas to make them even better. And, on top of that, you even delivered the work early!

Cast, audience and reviewers alike were unanimous in the praise for your work Andy. I’d recommend you without a moments hesitation - I really hope the future brings you the success you deserve.

Thanks for everything,

With the very best wishes

John Hales
Seagull Rep

Below is my 54-second animation sequence, portraying the Fourth Vision from Act 4, Scene 1 of William Shakespeare's
 Macbeth, as screened during the theatre production:

To discover more about my work for the production please visit this earlier blog post.