Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Influences part 6: Piotr Dumala

Erica told me about Polish animator Piotr Dumala in relation to the Paint on Glass animations that I was making last year, and although Dumala uses a different technique [he animates by scratching into blocks of painted plaster] his rough style intrigued me, and it seems to have a bigger influence on me as I became more familiar with his work...

The most influential part of Dumala's work for me is the scratchy aesthetic because it made me consciously aware of the fact that animation does not have to look smooth, detailed, or conventional just because that is how the commercial industry looks. This helped me to loosen the preliminary sketches and designs of my graduation film, and I think it will give me a much more interesting film aesthetic at the end of it all too!

Here are some links about Dumala:
Dumala's artwork in the AWM Famous Animator Gallery Series

AWM article, January 2001: Beyond Good and Evil: Piotr Dumala's Crime and Punishment

AWM article, December 1997: A Conversation With Piotr Dumala and Jerzy Kucia

Video: Crime & Punishment (2000)

Video: Franz Kafka (1991)

Video: Scainy (1987)

Video: Little Black Riding Hood (1983)

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