Saturday, 4 July 2009

Super cool Acura RDX animated advert

I found a super cool advert a few nights ago, which is like 'Paint on Glass animation meets Graffiti versus greenscreen' but created on a massive scale and without modern/digital processes...

It's a recent American 30 second advert called Wall Art (directed by Chris Hopewell and Ben Foley of Collision Films) for the Acura [known as Honda in the UK] RDX vehicle.

Basically, they've got an RDX inside a large studio, and they filmed the static vehicle with a stopmotion technique while a sequence of rotoscoped graffiti-style illustrations get painted all around (and even on) the car frame-by-frame. The graffiti-style illustrations are painted onto a 100 foot x 40 foot wall, and are basically massive frames of animation created with a process that recalls the wall painted animations of BLU such as MUTO. The end result is that the advert gives the impression that the vehicle is driving through a three-dimensional city painting, when in reality the vehicle had never moved. It is a more artistic version of the pan-European Ford Kinetic Design advert that is currently on TV on a regular basis.
While the Ford advert is utilising relatively modern techniques and visual effects to create a very similar illusion, this whole Acura advert is created with traditional stopmotion animation techniques using a real vehicle, 450 gallons of paint for the 100x40 foot frames of animation, and 240 hours of shooting over 10 days (which means that they were shooting 24 hours a day for the whole production process)!

Why don't we get highly creative/artistic adverts like this in the UK?

Acura RDX advert:
Behind the scenes video:
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Ford Kinetic Design advert:
Behind the scenes video:

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