Sunday, 22 November 2009

'Film-inspired Painting Series' 2010 wall calendars

Would anyone be interested in purchasing a professionally-printed, limited-edition, "Film-inspired Painting Series" wall calendar for 2010?

Each month will feature a high-quality 'print' of a different Film-inspired Painting (as seen at my Filmhouse exhibition, which closes on Sunday 29th); and the calendar will be with you in time for Christmas & New Year (which would of course be very useful...)

The calendars will cost £7 each (which - if my maths is correct - works out at an average price of less than 60p per painting print from within the calendar); and if you're in the Edinburgh/Fife/Perthshire areas, I may even be able to deliver it to you for free (but if you're not in an area near me then you will need to pay for P&P).

If you're interested in buying one of the calendars, please let me know (commitment-free at this stage) prior to Friday 27th November, so that I can check whether or not it's feasible for me to go ahead with printing...



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