Thursday, 11 March 2010

Winter Olympics caricatures

Throughout the 2010 Winter Olympics I found myself glued to the TV for way too many hours (I was watching Curling or Snowboarding during the afternoon/evening, and Ice Hockey through the night). As a result I found myself spending very little time on my artworks, but at the same time, the short breaks in live sports coverage did inspire me to start trying some caricatures.

With a near-empty sketchbook, a big pile of old newspapers (full of pictures), and nothing else to be doing during the two 15 minute intervals of every Ice Hockey game, I realised that it would be the perfect opportunity to experiment with some caricature work... If nothing else, it would prevent my drawing and painting techniques from getting rusty!
Over the past three weeks I've made about 20-or-so caricatures in my little sketchbook: They've been a bit hit-and-miss so far, but I've been enjoying the learning/development process. Here are a select few:

Lindsey Vonn (Skiing)

Wayne Gretzky (Ice Hockey)

Jarome Iginla (Ice Hockey)

Jackie Lockhart (Curling)

Amy Williams (Skeleton)

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