Sunday, 8 July 2012

Women's football painting: Glasgow City VS Spartans

Feeling inspired by my stint as a football photographer, I've just completed my first watercolour painting in 13 months... And it "only" took an entire month!!!

It's faaar from my best, but what should I have expected after not painting for so long!?

Until now, I had never really understood why they say that artists should draw/paint everyday: But now it is painfully clear - without regular practice the whole painting process becomes much slower, more frustrating, and generally difficult.

I recall the days of my 12fps Film-inspired Painting Series [late 2009], when I was painting almost every day, and could easily complete a new "masterpiece" (relatively speaking) after only a few hours.

...As they say "Oh how the mighty have fallen". So let this be a lesson to any other creative types reading!

I'll certainly be trying to paint more regularly now.

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