Wednesday, 10 July 2013

What is... July

Far later than planned (let's just say that Wimbledon was a huge distraction), here's the calendar image for July...

This calendar image was created eight months ago, yet features Novak Djokovic & Andy Murray, who contested the 2013 Wimbledon men's singles final just three days ago... So if you want some tips for who to put your money on next year, you know who to ask, haha.

I first created a series of tennis caricatures in June 2011, and of those, Novak's (above, left) was my favourite. Andy Murray's (above, right) was created in July 2012 after he lost last year's Wimbledon final to Roger Federer.
And no, it's not a complete coincidence that this calendar image was a reflection of the recent Wimbledon final: All my calendar images were planned to somewhat reflect their particular month (some a lot more so than others), and what better time of the year for tennis than July?

While I'm here [spoiler alert, haha], congratulations to Andy Murray for his latest triumph!

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