Sunday, 18 August 2013

Creative work for "Kinross Curling"

I've been busy producing a range of material for Kinross Curling Trust, who are taking-over the running of Kinross Curling Rink this summer, and who will be operating under the trading name of "Kinross Curling".

The work I've done so far includes:
- consulting on their new logo (above),
- helping to renovate Kinross Curling Trust's old website,
building a brand new Kinross Curling website,
managing their social media,
designing a tri-fold leaflet for distribution at the Kinross Show,
designing a poster for the Opening Bonspiel,
- designing a poster for the Inaugural Dinner,
- creating artist's impressions of some renovation work (yet to be unveiled),
- and more.

In relation to all of this, there will be exciting news for me to share in a few weeks.

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