Sunday, 28 December 2008


I've spent the last two years writing essays that criticize CGI and modern animation techniques for not looking as good as traditional animation techniques, but until now I never had any suitable way of explaining the problems.

Over the festive period I have been putting the finishing touches to my final essay for Edinburgh College of Art, and although I had a good analysis on the topic, it is not until this afternoon that I finally found a solid reason for CGI and modern animation techniques not looking as good as traditional animation techniques!

I will post a more detailed diagnosis in January, but until then, try examining the aesthetics of:
- King King (stopmotion with CGI),
- Wallace & Gromit films (especially comparing A Grand Day Out with A Matter Of Loaf & Death),
- The progression of Pixar feature films (Toy Story - Wall-E),
- Different styles of rotoscoped or live-action referenced films (especially Beowulf with A Scanner Darkly),
- Computer graphics (70s arcade machines with modern home consoles...)
- And "realistic" paintings with the photographs that they are based on (eg: the painting of Scarlett Johansson on my website with the photo of her in Lost In Translation - just Google search her name and the film).

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