Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Graduation film update: The good, the bad, and the ugly

I am still pondering whether I should continue with my rotoscoping process (I've already done most of the film with rotoscoping), or if it would look better by re-storyboarding the film and making in-between frames of animation at the same 1-inch frame size...
Everybody in college who has seen my rotoscoping has said that it looks good, but (as always happens in college) nobody has offered any form of criticism, which makes the positive feedback seem unbalanced and hollow. Perhaps if a few people were brave enough to give a little bit of constructive feedback (rather than just "I like it") I would feel more inclined to continue with the rotoscoping... People tend to agree (once I raise the issue) that my storyboards look better than the rotoscoping, but so far nobody is keen on the prospect of me restarting from the storyboard stage (I think they are scared of a little bit of hard work!), but I still think this is a better option.
I think restarting would be a better option because the whole point of doing rotoscoping was to re-create the look of my storyboards (which would be impossible to recreate with my preferred animation techniques of Paint on Glass or stopmotion), but the rotoscoping is not re-creating the style of the original storyboards to my satisfaction, hence why I want to restart the animation process by using the storyboards as key frames for the final animation.
As this point in time is very likely to be the death of my rotoscoped film, and my final film is now going to look very different from the current rotoscoping, I am including a 50 second video of my rotoscoping, which I am calling "The good, the bad, and the ugly" because it is documenting how my whole rotoscoping process has been hit-or-miss with very unpredictable outcomes.

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