Friday, 13 March 2009

New showreel! and other news from an unusual day

I've spent the last 4 hours putting together a shiny new showreel of my animation work... Tis available for viewing here at:

Earlier this evening I tried making an abstract audio track for my film with bits of soundtracks from other films... Those films were: Psycho, Vertigo, The Killers, Casino Royale, and something else I don't remember... It doesn't really work, but it was a decent way of wasting some time.
Did you know that there is very little music in Hitchcock's The Birds?! I have been planning on keeping the music in my film as minimal as possible, but everyone else thought that was a bad idea... Well I checked some of the most suspenseful moments in that film, and none of them had music!

This afternoon I made some random drawing/painting type thingys related to my film too... Below are two of those images.
So it's been a really productive day - even though it hasn't really progressed my film.

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