Saturday, 28 March 2009

Storyboarding for a psycho

I'm shooting live-action for my third and final character (a murderous psychotic artist) on Monday so that I can complete my film.
Due to popular demand (well, two people) I am going to be doing the 'acting' for this final character, which is going to feel awkward to say the least! (Who in high school EVER imagined that I would do some acting?!) But with a little help from Ally, Jess, and Topher last year I pretty much perfected that character, so it's not completely new to me!

In preparation for my acting debut on Monday I have been storyboarding some murder scenes from various films (for research and development), and I'm now trying to create an extensive collection of original thumbnail images (that don't copy shots from other films) with detailed notes for my own film.
I thought I was doing really well and had created a unique sequence, only to discover that the composition of some shots is almost identical to some of the shots in Hitchcock's Psycho... (dammit!)
But at least I'm getting some really useful stuff done, and hopefully these thumbnails will give me a good shooting schedule to ensure that I do not forgot to shoot any important shots (like I did in January while filming stuff with Darryl).

I'm pretty excited (if not also nervous/self-conscious) about attempting all this crazy stuff on Monday, but I've arranged for Klodya Menting (whom I also worked with last year) to come into college and film it all for me - so I can't back out of it now! And even if Klodya pulls out, Marianne had also offered to film it for me - so I have to commit to it now! (Those responsible for the "popular demand" had better appreciate it!)

In other news:
- I've been creating some backgrounds for my film with watercolours after a few earlier tests produced intriguing results.
- I made a 2 minute preview of my film (one that doesn't ruin the ending) to show the family on Sunday, and during this quick editing process I devised some more interesting revisions of the film... I really liked the climax "ending" so I'm going to fight hard to keep it in the final version.

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