Friday, 22 May 2009

Back to my good ol' ways

Last year (by that I mean my 3rd Year at eca) I spent much of my time helping lots of my friends in the year above me with their graduation films. Their deadline was on Friday 23rd, which means that tomorrow will be the first anniversary of that occasion. On this night last year I was completing my final bit of assistance for those friends by designing & printing the DVD presentation of Alison Cross' graduation film Tale Soup. Since then I have offered assistance to some of my classmates, but due to all the work I had to do for my own film I've not been able to do anywhere near as much as I did last year. However today was just like back in the good ol' days...

I went into college for a 10 minute meeting with staff as part of my assessment, and then I spent the rest of the day helping my postgraduate friend Nicole Volbeda with her Masters project called Lilly. (Click here for Nicole's blog about the project).

Nicole briefly taught me how to use TVPaint, and then gave me a bunch of shots to colour. The process was really straightforward after I familiarised myself with the programme, and before long I was colouring like a semi-pro. (I was going to say pro, but there's probably a bunch of keyboard shortcuts I've not figured out yet, so that statement would be a lie)...
She has added the latest draft version of her project (featuring some of my colouring) to YouTube for everyone to see; so I've embedded it below.

It was nice to get back to working with others again, but I'm surprised that the college never used TVPaint before now... It is really simple to use and (compared to Photoshop) would have saved my classmates SO MUCH time if we had been taught it before starting 4th Year*. (Take note future 4th Years!)

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