Saturday, 9 May 2009

Pretty pictures (sleep deprivation)

This is something like my 38th hour without sleep while working on my film, but I don't feel too bad - I'm actually pretty excited about it all now!
I was in college for my second ever 24 hour working session at eca, which went smoothly (I got almost all my backgrounds sorted out), I did the last piece of rotoscoping for my film in the darkroom (the only shot from the entire film that I've rotoscoped at college!), I've been organizing things with other folk in relation to the completion of my film, and also trying to decide whether or not to include dialogue in my film - and if I do include dialogue, what language should it be in???

Just to break the monotony of 38 hours without sleep I thought I'd post some nice pictures from my film, just because I feel like it...

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