Monday, 18 May 2009

Hidden gems: introduction

Since my assessment hand-in on Friday I've been trying to adjust to life without a film to frantically finish. I spent all of Saturday morning recovering from 61 hours without sleep (my highlight of the year), and my parents hosted a Eurovision party in the evening, which made the first day easy enough. But Sunday was completely empty (as I expect many coming days to be), which feels really horrible, so I decided to have a good old spring clean of my room to sort out all the left-overs from my final year at eca. (There is an unbelievable amount of paper - including notes, sketches, and research - lying around that I have not included in my assessment hand-in!)
During this day-long spring clean I have unearthed a whole variety of things (from both this year and past years) that has reminded me of so many memorable times at college, and I've also uncovered a bunch of old sketchbooks that contained various elements that seem to have laid the foundations for my degree film. It is really intriguing to see how those early sketches, which at the time seemed like carefree doodles, have ended up developing into the visual style of my graduation film.
I've decided that I'm going to begin a new series of blog posts about these discoveries (which I'm calling Hidden gems), to try occupying some of the time before I can either commence work on polishing my graduation film (before it's premiere at the Filmhouse on June 15th) or start a new film project.

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