Sunday, 25 July 2010

2010 FIFA World Cup caricatures

Here's a few wee caricatures that I made during the FIFA Football World Cup earlier this month...

My pre-tournament caricature of the England World Cup squad [for Project Onomatopee].

Landon Donovan (USA footballer).

Diego Maradona (Argentina manager).

James Cordon (TV personality).

Fabio Capello (England manager). 

-  The caricature of the England World Cup squad was based upon English media reports that suggested England would win the tournament.

- James Cordon may not be a footballer, but for the entire month of the tournament he was on ITV1 and ITV4 hosting his World Cup Live nonsense and showcasing his "comedy" (if you'd call it that...)

- Fabio Capello was drawn as his doppleganger, Carl Fredricksen, from the DVD cover of Disney/Pixar's UP (2009). The text reads "If Fabio disnae fix'er he'll be hanged up" in relation to the terrible performances by his England squad at the World Cup. "Disnae Fix'er" is written as a pun on "Disney Pixar" meaning "doesn't fix her", implying that the England fans will seek vengeance on Fabio if he doesn't improve the team after getting a stay of execution.

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