Thursday, 1 July 2010

Commission: Rumbling Bridge

This is my most recent painting commission, completed last month. I'm pleasantly surprised with how well it turned out considering that it's the first 'normal' painting I've done in several months!

The painting portrays a local landscape, called Rumbling Bridge, that I've enjoyed visiting since childhood. Located about 7 miles west of Kinross, it is a two-tier stone bridge dating from the 1700s, which spans above an impressive 120ft gorge.

Due to the surroundings of Rumbling Bridge, trying to get a good vantage point from where to take photos of it is awkward at best. For example, through a camera viewfinder the bridge often looks either way too close (it doesn't fit enough of the structure into the picture to convey its size), or too distant (it seems lost within a mass of leaves, branches, and trees, making it look insignificant).
I'm including a photo and video as examples:

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