Monday, 5 July 2010

Project Onomatopee

Project Onomatopee is an online monthly drawing project created earlier this year by Nicole Volbeda.

The project was set-up to provide artistic inspiration and encourage regular drawing, which is achieved by offering participants a themed project every month. For example at the start of June the theme of "Nightmare" was announced and participating artists had the remainder of the month to interpret that theme in any visual manner they desired. At the end of the month all the submitted drawings were uploaded to the Project Onomatopee website, where participants could also discover the new theme for July.

The Project Onomatopee website (written in both Dutch and English) displays all the drawings from the most recent theme/month on the homepage, which allows visitors to instantly sample an entire theme without having to trawl through numerous links to get to the good stuff. And to view drawings from older themes/months, the relevant links are easily accessed from the top of the navigation bar on the right-hand-side of the webpage (under the header that says "Inzendingen / Contributions")... Previous themes include: Best Invention, Heroes, Sex Education, and Honey.

Visiting the website can be a rewarding artistic experience because the participating artists come from a range of disciplines and backgrounds, meaning that the art on display is guaranteed to portray a broad spectrum of influences and technical approaches.

Originally the project was entirely in Dutch, but it was later developed for the English language as well, which has increased the international appeal of the website. In June several UK-based artists (including myself) were invited to join the roster of Project Onomatopee artists, which demonstrates Nicole's interest in developing the project further - and as the expansion continues, the visual appeal of the website will undoubtedly grow further.

If you'd like further information about the project, or are interested in joining, please visit the Info page on the Project Onomatopee website (if you can't read Dutch, you'll need to scroll halfway down the page for the English version).

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