Thursday, 6 August 2009

12fp(s) - New series of paintings

For the past week or so I've been preparing for my first painting series called "12fp(s)". This is just a fun/personal exercise influenced by my interest in Film, but I am aiming for it to lead smoothly into a second series, which will be created from a stimulating hybrid of my practices in Animation, Concept Art, and Painting.

The aim of this first series is to portray a still image from various films (hopefully 12 different films at the end of the series), using whatever artistic interpretation feels right at the time of production in order to create something new.
I don't necessarily intend to re-create the mood evoked from watching the original film, or to develop each painting within a specific direction, I just want to see what happens when I have free reign over source material and learn from the experiences.

If the reader has any suggestions for film stills that I should paint I'd be happy to hear/see them. Likewise, comments and feedback are always welcome.



  1. What a creative way of combining two of your passions, Andy! (I like that you worked the pinks into her hair.)
    Would the Wizard of Oz work for you?

  2. Wizard of Oz sounds like it would offer a lot of freedom and really interesting possibilities, but I'm struggling to find any suitable stills from the film that would allow me to realise these possibilities.

    To make up for this, here are some WofO art links from the 'Lines & Colours' blog, if you haven't seen them:

    Thanks for the comments :)


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