Tuesday, 11 August 2009

12fp(s) - outtake 1

This painting is related to Film but it isn't a film still. For this reason I've decided that the painting will get posted on the blog under the 12fp(s) name, but once the series is complete it won't be included.

I admired the original photograph that this painting is based on because it was quite stylish (reminding me of my first painting in the series), and I also saw this as a chance to experiment with the style of classic 50s Pin-up paintings like those by Gil Elvgren.

I originally drew this in pencil with more expressive lines than my usual work, and although I wanted to paint those lines back into the final image I decided against it for fear that the painted lines would distract from the rest of the image. I think I made the right decision...

The only thing I don't like about this image is what she is sitting on. The original photograph has her at the beach sitting on what looks like a cut-down tree trunk, but I chose to leave the background out of my painting so that the character is the only point of interest in the final image... I think I was right to leave out the background, however having a plain background has now made the seat much more noticeable - which in this simplified style is not good.
Apart from that though, I'm really happy with this painting.

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